Respite Care

Providing relief for caregivers and their loved ones

Mt. Carmel offers respite care for caregivers seeking high-quality, short-term support for their loved ones.

We welcome guests for a variety of reasons and durations, whether it’s for a long weekend or a couple of weeks. Our minimum stay is only three days, which is well below the requirements of most skilled nursing facilities.

Why Respite Care?

Respite care is a desirable option when caregivers need temporary relief, whether they are traveling for work, going on vacation, undergoing a medical procedure, seeking a break from the demands of life or simply looking for a chance to recharge their batteries. Respite care can also serve as a transition from an extended hospital stay back home and is also a great way for families to see if Mt. Carmel is the right long-term option for their loved ones.

Respite Care: Benefits for Residents

Guests receive individualized care in an engaging and secure living environment. We offer private rooms and a highly trained staff of physicians, nurses and rehabilitation therapists dedicated to accommodating to their needs.

When staying at Mt. Carmel, you are a part of our family. We provide not only the best care but also a vibrant and highly social community that offers you a chance to stay in a more social surrounding. You have access to all the same services and amenities as long-term care residents, no matter how long you stay.

If you or a loved one is exploring long-term care options, this is a wonderful opportunity to try us out and discover whether Mt. Carmel is the right fit before making a commitment.

Respite Care: Benefits for Caregivers

As the caregiver of a loved one, we understand the physical and emotional demands of your role. We are here to give you a break and allow you to feel secure knowing your loved one will be safe and cared for as you get caught up on the other aspects of your life.

Caregiving is physically and emotionally exhausting. Taking a break will help you refresh and maintain your mental, emotional and physical health, enabling you to continue providing quality care for your loved one at home.

The moment you step out of the elevator into our community, you’ll notice a few things.

First, our staff is always smiling with a friendly face, ready to attend to your needs.

Straight ahead is the kitchen, where you’ll be served in our neighborhood-style dining area, with various culinary options and flexible meal schedules. Look to the left and you’ll see our community area where residents gather to socialize, enjoy special events or spend time with family.

Go down our hallways and you’ll see photos on the wall. When you come to Mt. Carmel, you are family, and since this is your home, we want to proudly display your cherished memories, people and moments in time. Our floors are designed to provide a feeling of being part of a neighborhood.

You’re welcome to bring almost anything from home, such as your favorite pillow, photos of your family, your clothing, electronics, personal care items or even your own furniture. Your room comes equipped with Wi-Fi and cable television, so you can  stay connected with loved ones, the world around you or simply enjoy your favorite television program. Visitors – whether family or friends – are always welcome.

The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) honored Mt. Carmel with the Silver Achievement in Quality Award. This award is the second-highest of three levels of distinction bestowed on long-term care and assisted living providers through the AHCA/NCAL’s National Quality Award Program. We are also proud recipients of the 2018 and 2019 ACHCA Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award for superior facility performance on various health, safety and quality measures.

  • A Medical Director to manage on-site mental health, podiatric, dental, laboratory, optometry, radiology and imaging services
  • A Case Worker to provide any needed social services
  • Pastoral Care
  • An ADA Registered Dietician who works with the culinary staff to ensure nutritional needs are met
  • A Clinical Pharmacist who regularly reviews individual medication régimes and consults with primary care physicians, nursing staff and the interdisciplinary team
  • Internet and Wi-Fi access
  • Cable television
  • Neighborhood dining areas
  • Guest meal options
  • On-site chapel with daily Mass
  • Barber/hair services

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  • Music therapy and live entertainment
  • Arts and crafts
  • Movie nights and “Happy Hours”
  • Seasonal themed parties and dining events
  • Gardening
  • Pet Therapy
  • Shopping trips

Our staff will work with you to find the payment options that work best for you and your loved one. Check with your insurance provider to see if respite care is covered.