Family Visit

December 7, 2020: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer inside visits to families at this time due to the high percentage rate of COVID-19 in Hillsborough County. However, window visits and online options are still available. Please contact us at 603-627-3811 if you have questions.

We ask that families be mindful when scheduling a visit. To ensure that all families can visit with their loved ones, we would encourage you to schedule no more than one visit every other week, and if possible, consider scheduling your visits during the week if you are available.

Important reminder regarding visits:

  1. Keep resident’s masks on at all times, (do not remove it, even for a quick second).
  2. Do not pass cell phones to residents (staff can assist with this).
  3. During the visit, please do not approach residents for any reason.
  4. The visits are set up for families to have quality time with their loved ones.
  5. Any questions regarding care or other business in the building will need to be done at a later time.

We understand that it is difficult to keep your distance, but these rules are required by federal and state guidelines, which must be followed.

For Google Duo visit, please continue to call the floor that your loved one resides on and the nursing staff will be happy to set it up for you.

We work very hard trying to keep COVID-19 out of our building, and we need your help. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of answering the screening questions honestly.

We thank you for your cooperation

For important COVID-19 updates and information,click here.